Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you so different from other webhost?

There are many web host providers out there offering web hosting plans for half our price. Those same web host shut down over night, host their customers on old hardware, or never provide support to their customers. Once a customer becomes a part of our team, we will do everything in our power to retain that relationship.

Will the price ever go up on us?

We guarantee that whatever price it is you pay, you will stay locked into that price for the remainder of your stay at

Will you ever suspend my account without my knowledge?

Many web host have the tendency of suspending accounts without notifying their customers. We pledge that we will never suspend your account without first notifying you and asking you to resolve whatever issue it is that we are having with your website.

In the very rare case that this is a security risk and/or spamming issue that can directly lead to the entire servers IP getting blacklisted, we reserve the right to suspend that account for the safety and overall health of the server.

Will you transfer accounts from my old provider to your servers?

Absolutely. We understand that this is one of the biggest obstacles one faces when moving away from a web hosting provider. We will transfer all of your accounts for you free of charge. All of our plans include those same free migration services.

Can I host adult content on your hosting plans?

We do not have restrictions with hosting adult content on any of our shared and reseller plans as long as they are legal.

Do you offer a 30 day money back guarantee?

We offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on all shared and reseller We want to earn your trust and your business. We understand that choosing a new web host is not an easy decision and want to give you the confidence in choosing bestcast4u.

Is there an uptime guarantee?

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all shared and reseller hosting plans

Cpanel FAQ

How to disable SuperCacher for wildcard subdomains

When you have a wildcard subdomain setup and you need to disable SuperCacher for a specific subdomain, follow these steps:

1. Add the subdomain in cPanel -> Subdomains and set public_html as the DocumentRoot.

2. In cPanel -> SuperCacher disable the Static Cache for your newly-added subdomain.

How to Import Existing SSH Key in WHM

In this article we will show you how to add an existing key to WHm in order to access your account via SSH with root privileges.

First, login to WHM and navigate to Home -> Security Center -> Manage root’s SSH Keys.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Import Key button
  2. Enter a name for this key in the first field
  3. Paste the public key in the corresponding field
  4. Click the Import button

*There are fields for Password and Private Key which are not required

Now, you need to authorize this key for the root user. To do this, go back to Manage root’s SSH Keys and click on the Manage Authorization button next to the key you’ve just added.

Finally, click on the Authorize button. You can now login to your server as root using this key.

Comparison of cPanel vs. Plesk

The most popular web hosting control panels are cPanel and Plesk. In this article we will review both of them so that you can find the best one for you. This review is rather for the end user and it will not compare them on server level.

First, both cPanel and Plesk support different server platforms (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD). Even though there is almost no different, for Windows cPanel is branded under the name Enkompass.

Second, both have fast, easy and intuitive interfaces. Though cPanel’s interface is more simple and all features are accessible directly from the front page. Thus you don’t have to learn new routines for common web hosting tasks when using cPanel.

On the other hand, Plesk is organized in different sections. Thus it requires some time to get used to how things are done with it. Though sometimes this allows you to work faster with it.

In regards to functionality, both cPanel and Plesk are very similar. In most cases you will miss nothing if you just switch from one to another. Speaking of switching, we should mention that the two control panels are not compatible with each other, unfortunately. This means that if you create an account backup on one of them you will not be able to restore it on the other.

Finally, you should check cPanel demo and Plesk demo to get a real impression of both.

After all, it is hard to say which is better between cPanel and Plesk. It is mostly a matter of personal choice but for us cPanel has proven better in the last 10 years.

Can I use phpMyAdmin outside cPanel?

The phpMyAdmin tool available in cPanel is bundled with it and can be used only if you are already logged into cPanel.

In order to use phpMyAdmin without logging into cPanel, you will need a separate phpMyAdmin installation. You can download the installation package from the phpMyAdmin official website.

What is an “inode”?

An inode is a record in a disk table, which contains information about a file or folder such as its size, owner, device node, socket, pipe, etc., except data content and file name. The number of inodes on your account equals the number of files and folders you have on it.

SiteGround customers may see the number of inodes they are using from their account’s cPanel -> Stats -> Inodes Usage (situated on the left side on the cPanel home page). You may need to click on the Expand Stats link in order for the Inode usage graph to be displayed.

Every time a file is opened, the file’s inode is read by the kernel of the server. The more files/folders you have, the more inodes you use. And the more inodes you use, the more system resources your account consumes. That is why it is a common and necessary practice among hosts to limit the number of inodes on a shared server, where it is not suitable for one account to use system resources and leave no power for the other accounts.

In case your account reaches the maximum number of inodes, it may be excluded from the backup system, or you may experience problems with file uploading, receiving emails, and see errors when accessing your website.

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